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Local Sales Engineer Representative:

Some products sell themselves. Others can be sold only based on relationships.  In between there are products (and services) of a technical nature that need to be explained in plain English with enough technical detail that the buyer can see the benefit to his/her operation.  The product doesn’t fill the need if the customer doesn’t perceive that it fills the need.

These types of products can be represented by engineers better than generic sales representatives.   Go Enterprises provides a overall business perspective and an engineer’s technical approach to the sales process.

Let us represent your company and your product with a local presence in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.

Call Center Consulting:

Operate your small to medium contact center more efficiently and effectively. Let us offer our recommendations based on 30 years of experience including design of agent scheduling software, management of a 170 person call center, and work with the major ACD products.

Pro-bono consulting for Non-Profits:

Perhaps your non-profit needs an outside look with a business operational perspective. Areas of expertise in include telephone systems, especially Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Information Technology, and General Management including control systems.









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